Couples Counselling

We take a positive approach when helping couples with their relationship problems

An important part of our couple’s counselling is to give each of you the opportunity to share your perspective to the issues for you in your relationship.

In helping you to resolve these problems, we find it is important for our approach to be as positive as possible.

We do this by focusing on a number of things:

We help you look at what dynamics you as a couple may have unwittingly fallen into, which can  help take away the sense of blame that is easy to attribute entirely to your partner, so instead, the two of you can form an alliance in working on it.

Additionally, quite early in the process, we have you create your positive want list based on your issues, and in doing this, we are able to work with what you are wanting that will make your relationship great for you, providing a positive repairing of your relationship.

We also show you how to communicate more honestly and openly, encourage and nurture your romance, identify your love languages, make quality time together, and celebrate improvements together.

As you progress, good will and a deeper understanding between you and your partner can begin to grow, along with a mutual appreciation, and you can feel more and more in a positive spiral again.

We can show you how there is hope amidst the negativity, problems and hopelessness that it is easy to feel when you are experiencing relationship problems.


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