Relationship Counselling

Build better relationships with the people in your life, including yourself.

  • Do the same problems keep coming up over and over?
  • Are you constantly fighting but nothing seems to get resolved?
  • Do small disagreements seem to escalate and become major problems?
  • Have you and your partner given up on communicating with each other?
  • Are you worried that you are heading towards a separation or divorce?
  • Do you want to break free of painful patterns of relating so that you can have a fulfilling relationship in the future?

All relationships aren’t smooth sailing.  The key is to recognise what strategies you can adopt to keep the disease from building within your relationships.

The pathway to an intimate, satisfying and emotionally mature relationship can be painful and bumpy. There are good times and hard times. Couples who work through the rough times tend to develop stronger bonds that make their relationships more satisfying.

But when couples are unable to overcome the difficult times, their relationship starts to feel stuck. Frustration and anger builds and resentments increase.

When you are at this point in your relationship, you are probably wondering how you got here.

What happened to the hopes and dreams you had at the beginning of your relationship?

How did the feelings you once had for each other change so much?

It can be really painful to realize that your relationship hasn’t turned out the way you thought it would.

Even with the best of intentions to resolve their problems, couples don’t always have the necessary skills to work things through in a satisfactory way. Often, problems keep occurring and you end up feeling overwhelmed about what to do next to repair your relationship. Sometimes it gets to the point where it just feels hopeless.

Counselling provides you with pathways to unblock impasses in your relationships and build a more sustainable, happy life.

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